You are BYFC Family

We are so pleased that you continue to choose BYFC as your Bikram Yoga home. We consider you family. We love having the opportunity to get to know you. Not as a customer, but as a person. We can’t wait to see you in the hot room. Don’t forget to share the true joy of yoga, bring a friend!

Meet The BYFC Teachers

Scott Spellman


Scott was introduced to Bikram yoga in the summer of 2007 and enjoyed it from the start. Always into fitness Scott worked out on a regular basis and was an avid runner. Eventually, he began to see the healing powers of Bikram yoga since his practice increased to almost everyday. In the Fall of 2009 Scott completed the highly rigorous Bikram Yoga Teacher Training program in Las Vegas. Bikram yoga has improved his strength, balance, flexibility, and focus. It also relieved his back and knee pain. Scott is so grateful to be able to teach this yoga and is always eager to learn more each day! He hopes to see you in the studio soon!

Carol Neiler

Bikram Yoga Instructor

I want to start by saying how much I absolutely love being a Bikram Teacher. I started practicing a little over 4yrs ago, working, previously, as a Massage Therapist. I was so inspired by how amazing I felt. The first benefits were just physical. Soon, I began to notice something else, very subtle. I realized that all of the knowledge I was absorbing during practice, I could easily translate to my life, outside the studio. Being excited to share my new found insights, I knew that teaching Bikram’s series was for me.

I enjoy sweating along with my fellow yogis, opening body/mind/spirit consciousness. I have truly found something inside that I never started out looking for… peace.

**Carol placed 2nd in the Women’s Division (DC) for the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional Yoga Asana Championship



Dagmar Benesova

Bikram Yoga Instructor

I am a true example and a believer that Bikram yoga works, just one example out of many. When I was five, I wanted to do gymnastics, they told me that I am “fat and not flexible”, so they refused me into a class. When I was 14, I wanted to dance, they told me I am “old and not flexible”. Again, I was not admitted to take a class.

But when I was 27 I took my very first Bikram yoga class, no one told me that I am “fat, old or not flexible” because for yoga “You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again.”- Bikram Choudhury. I was immediately hooked by Bikram yoga and since then I am practicing daily.

Dagmar is certified Bikram yoga instructor since Spring 2013. She reached the RYT 200 certification in vinyasa yoga in February 2011 and as she says she is “open minded” yogi and besides Bikram, which is her love, she practices also vinyasa flow yoga and ashtanga yoga.

Jamie Korelitz

Bikram Yoga & PyroPilates Instructor

Jamie discovered Bikram yoga in 2009. Suffering from horrible back pain that limited her physical activity, Bikram was a last resort for pain management, suggested by a close friend who knew the healing powers of Bikram yoga. Right away Jamie committed to a regular daily practice and the back pain quickly disappeared. Completely pain free for years, Jamie LOVES her backward bends and knows they are the prescription to her healthy spine (and healthy life)!

Jamie graduated from the Bikram yoga teacher training program in Fall 2013 and is so excited to spread her passion for Bikram yoga to the Northern Virginia community.


Lisbeth May

Bikram Yoga Instructor

Lisbeth May started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2005. She has found that yoga strengthens not only her body but also her mind. Bikram Yoga has changed her everyday life and it has helped her in many positives ways. In addition to body and mind improvements, the emphasis on breathing has helped her greatly with asthma. She no longer has to use an inhaler, and she credits that to how yoga helps her maintain healthy lungs and teaches relaxed deep breathing. She is very thankful for this health benefit.

Prior to becoming a Yoga Instructor she was a journalist and photographer focusing on Latin America. She is also a part-time Spanish teacher. Her favorite hobby is to dance in all forms of ballroom. She lives in Falls Church Virginia and she is fluent in English and Spanish.

“The best thing I have done in my life has been to become a Bikram Yoga instructor. I am passionate about yoga and I love it,” says Lisbeth.


amanda head






Amanda Duncan

When Amanda started practicing hot yoga in 2012, and she lost weight, improved her balance and flexibility, and became stronger, physically and mentally. After seeing the benefits in her life, she was inspired to serve others and attended Sterling Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico in 2014 for her 200-hour RYT Certification. She currently teaches the 26+2 Series, Yin Yoga, the 84-Asana Advanced Class, workshops, and personal yoga training to help her students grow and thrive!

Amanda is a dedicated yogini who has been practicing the Bikram series since 2012. She was a top-20 Finalist in the 2015 USA Yoga National Championships, placed 2nd in the 2014 Pennsylvania Cup, and represented Virginia in the 2014 National Championships in her first Competition Season.

She loves hearing yoga success stories, and loves to talk about how yoga can change your life, so be sure to share your story with her!

Adrian Hummell

If you ask Adrian where his yoga journey started it might not be what you expect, his very first yoga experience was at home with a “Wii Fit” game. He was much too shy to even fathom the idea of going into public to do any sort of exercise. With some cajoling from a few friends he found his way into a studio, which he didn’t particularly enjoy. Thankfully with some encouragement he stuck with the yoga and eventually fell in love with the practice.

Adrian’s strives to teach a strong technical class, but to also keep things lighthearted and friendly. Having been in a position of self-doubt he understands that the process is different for everyone and it is his hope is to help you on your path of self-realization.

Adrian Hummell is a devoted yogi with a focus on the 26+2 Bikram Series, is the 3-time Virginia Yoga Asana Champion (Men’s division: 2013, 2014, 2015), and a contender in the National circuit having placed top 5 in the 2013 & 2014 competitions.